INIG1122 Pachrāi (Shivpuri). On slab in a shrine of Śāntinātha. 8 lines, nāgarī, corrupt Sanskrit. Mentions one Harirāja and his son Raṇamāla (i.e. Raṇapāla). Begins with a verse in praise of Śāntinātha; refers to Bālacaṁdra, the disciple of Subhanaṁdi belonging to Kuṁdakuṁdasaṁtāna and Deśikagaṇa. Mentions the ruler Raṇapāla and his forbears Harirāja and Bhīma. Gives the genealogy of a person named Maheśvara belonging to Parapāṭānvaya. His son was [De]vi and his son was Rājana, who is stated to have made the kīrtti. At end mentions two goṣṭhikas one of which was Jasahaḍa.