About Siddham


Siddham is an online resource for languages with substantial epigraphic traditions: Sanskrit, Prakrit, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Persian, Arabic, Tibetan, Pyu, Burmese, Mon, Khmer and related languages. Siddham embraces south, central, and south-east Asia with a chronological horizon from the early centuries BCE to the nineteenth century.


Siddham allows researchers to harvest epigraphic data across varied themes, regions and languages. Siddham aims to advance interdisciplinary research in the languages, literatures, histories, geographies and cultural ecologies of Asia.


Siddham is an open-access reference tool built by contributors with special expertise in language and epigraphy.


For the optimal display of Siddham data do not use Firefox. If fonts and other features do not display correctly, clear the cache on your browser.


Siddham is a non-profit undertaking. Content is developed by Siddham contributors working in collaboration. The system is overseen by an Advisory Board (see Contacts) . The Board is  responsible for policy and for the appointment of data and content managers. Policies in the areas of IP and data preservation follow the ERC and ZENODO.

Hosting Institution : The Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland

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