Bodhgayā (बोधगया), Bihār. Inscription (INBG0001) on the narrow edges of the upper surface of a sandstone slab, the so-called vajrasāna  (OBBG0001). Edition here that of Balogh in De Simone et al. (2020), see Concordance for bibliographic data.


Bodhgayā vajrāsana inscription
De Simone, D., Balogh, D., and Bretfeld, S. (2020). ‘The āsana: where the Buddha sat’, in Precious Treasures from the Diamond Throne: Finds from the Site of the Buddha’s Enlightenment, edited by S. van Schaik, G. Hidas, D. De Simone and M. Willis (London: British Museum Press, in press).

A …the āsana was installed for pūjā

B …made for the benefit of my parents

C …

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