Udaypur (Madhya Pradesh). Stepwell inscription in Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit.

On a stone slab affixed into the right side wall of a stepwell known as Qanungo Baoli, located on the eastern outskirts of Udaypur, Vidisha District, Madhya Pradesh. A tri-lingual inscription of 13 lines carved in relief with the first three lines written in Arabic and Persian in nastaʿlīq script, and the next ten lines written in Sanskrit in nāgarī script. It records the construction of the stepwell by Gokuladāsa and Dāmodaradāsa, sons of Qānungo Haridāsa of Māthura kāyastha family, during the reign of Mughal emperor Shāhjahān (r. 1628-58). The date is given in three different eras—vikrama saṃvat 1701, śaka 1566 and hijri 1054—equivalent to Friday, 13 January, 1645 CE.

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