This charter records the donation of the village Ākāsapadda to fourteen Brāhmaṇas by Vindhyaśakti II. The charter records the names of the Brāmaṇas and the share of the village which they were given. According to Shastri 1997: 39, the charter is important in that it proves that Pravarasena I, who ruled as part of the undivided family, had at least four sons who all became kings, which until the discovery of this charter had not been satisfactorily proven.

Inscription ID IN00176
Title Washim Charter of Vindhyasakti II
Alternative titles Washim Plates of Vindhyasakti II; Basim Plates of Vindhyasakti II; Vatsagulma Copper-plate Grant of Vindhyasakti
Parent Object OB00163
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Author Dániel Balogh
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Language Prakrit , संस्कृतम्
Reigning monarch Vindhyaśakti II
Topic donation of the village Ākāsapadda to fourteen Brāhmaṇas by Vindhyaśakti II
Min 387
Max 397
Comment Intrinsic Date: 37, first fortnight of Hemanta, day 4 (era: regnal, Vindhyaśakti II). Basis of dating: approximate reign of Vindhyaśakti II.
Letter size 0.6-0.8
Description southern box-headed
Width 14
Height 8
Description Inscribed only on the inner face of the first and last plate and on both faces of the others, with 5 lines per page. In a good state of preservation. Campus size is an estimate based on uncertain object dimensions.
Decoration None.
References First reported and edited with facsimile in Deshpande Mahajan 1939. Re-edited in Sircar 1941, Mirashi Mahajan 1941-42 and in Mirashi 1963. Discussed in Sircar 1940, Sircar 1941-42b, Pandey 1962: 111-113 and Shastri 1997: 37-40.
Add to bibliography Deshpande Mahajan 1939 may also have been published in the Bulletin of the Rama Varma Research Institute, No. 1972. See also B. Upadhyaya, SAII. pt. II, pp. 139-40.
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