IN00101 Khurā (Urdu: كهُوڑه‎) Inscription of the the Alchon Hūṇa king Toramāṇa recording the gift (deyadharma) of a Buddhist monastery (vihāra) to the Mahīśāsaka school.


Inscription ID IN00101
Title Khura Inscription of Toramana
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Parent Object OB00092
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Author Dániel Balogh
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Authority for metadata H. T. Bakker, The Alchon (2019), chapter 4.
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Language संस्कृतम्
Reigning monarch Toramāṇa
Commissioner Viśeṣavṛddhi
Topic Donation of a Buddhist monastery by to the Mahīśāsaka division by Viśeṣavṛddhi, son of Roṭṭajayavṛddhi.
Min 485
Max 515
Comment Intrinsic Date: mārgaśīrṣa śukla 2. Basis of dating: approximate reign of Toramāṇa, conjecture. The intrinsic date is damaged, only the month and day are legible. The text also specifies a nakṣatra, but that again is illegible.
Letter size
Description northern class; nail-headed Gupta characters with some peculiar forms
Width 65
Height 35
Description Thirteen lines of unequal length. The campus size is estimated. The first three lines are badly damaged at the beginning and end, while last lines seems to have been deleted. The end of line 12 may also have been deleted and re-written. Previous editors say the rest of the stone is blank, but from the facsimile it is my impression that there may in fact have been writing on the entire surface (probably 18 lines total, the last short), but everything from line 13 has been erased.
Decoration None.
References First reported and edited in Bühler 1892, and published on the basis of inked impressions supplied to him by Burgess. For provenance see CONCORDANCE.
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Language is hybrid/corrupt Sanskrit.