Inscription ID IN00005
Title Vidisa Inscription of Ramagupta on the Image of Candraprabha
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Parent Object OB00005
Related Inscriptions IN00006 IN00007
Author Dániel Balogh
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Language संस्कृतम्
Reigning monarch Rāmagupta
Min 360
Max 380
Comment Basis of dating: person, Rāmagupta.
Letter size
Description Gupta characters of the 4th century, closely resembling those of IN00012. Bhandarkar (1981) gives no sizes.
Description Four lines inscribed on the pedestal of the image. No size data given in Bhandarkar (1981).
Decoration The pedestal has no lāñchanas, only a cakra symbol in the centre of each. There are also two figures of what appear to be couchant winged lions, on the two sides of the inscription facing outward.
References The discovery of the images was reported in The Hindustan Times on 18 March 1969. The inscriptions were edited in Gai 1969a. Imagery analysed in Agrawala 1969. Summarised in Trivedi 2001: 13-14 (No. 3). Discussed in: Shah 1969, Sircar 1969-70b, Mirashi 1977, Willis 2009: 231, Bakker 2010a: 463, and Dundas 2014: 231-232.
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Inscriptions IN00006 and IN00007 are identical but for the name of the image.