Donative record at the Udayeśvara temple in Udaypur (also known as Udaipur, Madhya Pradesh), engraved in 5 lines on a dwarf pillar in the eastern porch of the entrance hall (mukhamaṇḍapa). Working transcription from the Sanskrit prepared by Saarthak Singh (latest version 02/2019).

Working translation

In the Samvat year 1222, on Monday the 3rd day of the bright half of Vaiśākha, here at Udaypur, on the auspicious day of akṣaya-tṛttiyā, for the purpose of… half of the village of Sāṃgavaṭṭa among the sixty-four villages of Bhṛṃgārī were presented by Ṭhakkura Śrī Cāhaḍa, following an ablution ceremony, for as long as there is a moon. He who does not observe this (grant) will be the bearer of the Five Great Sins.

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