INIG1150 Gwalior fort (Gwalior). Two slabs in the porch of the Sās Bahū temple. 22 lines (right side) + 21 lines (left side), old nāgarī, Sanskrit. Describes the construction of and donations to Padmanātha (i.e. Viṣṇu) by the  Kacchapaghāta ruler Mahīpāladeva. The main kings of the Kacchapaghāta dynasty are given in the inscription as: Lakṣmaṇa and his son Vajradāman (who defeated the king of Kannauj and conquered Gopādri); Maṅgalarāja; Kīrtirāja and his son Mūladeva (known as Bhuvanapāla and Trailokyamalla) who married Devavṛttā; his son Padmapāla; his heir Sūryapāla and his son Mahīpāla Bhuvanaikamalla who was a brother of Padmapāla. Composed by Maṇikaṇṭa, son of Govinda and the grandson of Rāma; written by Digambara Yaśodeva and inscribed by Padma Siṁhavāja and Māhula, sons of Devasvāmin.