Bodhgayā (बोधगया), Bihār. Inscription (INBG00018) on the pedestal of a sandstone Buddha image (OBBG00018). Provisional edition by Dániel Balogh, see Concordance for bibliographic data.

Inscription ID INBG0018
Title Bodhgaya inscription of year 64 on the pedestal of a seated Buddha
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Parent Object OBBG00018
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Author Dániel Balogh
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Digitally edited by Daniela De Simone
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Reigning monarch Trikamala
Topic Installation of stone Buddha image
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Description Two lines.
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Add to bibliography For a discussion of the term buddha/bodhisattva see: Fussman, G. and Quagliotti, A.M. (2012). The Early Iconography of Avalokiteśvara. (Publications de l'Institut de Civilisation Indienne, fasc. 80.). Paris: Collège de France. Boucher, D. (2014). 'Review of The Early Iconography of Avalokiteśvara. L'Iconographie Ancienne d'Avalokiteśvara by Gérard Fussman and Anna Maria Quagliotti'. Journal of the American Oriental Society 134(2): 307-310. Verardi, G. (forthcoming 2020). 'Vyākaraṇa and the Mathurā stele'.
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