Udaypur, Madhya Pradesh

Arabic and Persian inscription (INAP00005) in a mosque (OBAP00005) near Chatua Darwaza recording the construction of the building by Khān-i ʿĀlam Jangi Khān in the time of Islām Shāh; working reading of the text 02/2020.

Bibliographic information

GAR (VS 1985/1928-29 CE): D, no. 32. Mosque near Chatua Darwaza, in the reign of Islām Shāh Suri. 11 Ramazan 965 = 1549. Records the construction of a mosque in the reign of Islam Shah Suri by Masud Khan in the governorship of Changiza Khan.

ARE (1960-61): D, no. 111. On the mihrab of the mosque in Pathanon-ka Mahalla. Sur dynasty, Islām Shāh. AH 956 Ramadan = 1549 September/October. States the mosque was constructed by Khan-i Alam Jangi Khan, during the governorship of Masnad-i Ali Masud Khan, son of Mubarak Ghazi.



Inscription Concordance

Rahim (2000) 123