Udayagiri, Cave 8 inscription, detail


Bhandarkar, Devadatta Ramakrishna, Bahadur Chand Chhabra, and Govind Swamirao Gai, Inscriptions of the Early Gupta Kings (New Delhi: Archaeological Survey of India, 1981): 256-257.


1) That inner light, which shines like the sun, (which is difficult to find among men) on earth, which pervades (the heart of the learned) and which is wonderful, has the appellation of Candragupta (II).

2) (The earth), which is bought by the purchase-money of (his) prowess, (and) in which the princes have become humbled with slavery, is attached with reference (to him), (being protected with) righteousness (and good policy).

3-4) He, who has attained to the position of minister, through hereditary descent, of that saint-like over-king of kings of inconceivable (but magnanimous) action, and has been entrusted with the Office of Peace and War, is Vīrasena, of the Kutsa gotra, known by the family name Śāba, conversant with grammar, polity, logic, and popular usage and custom, a poet, an inhabitant of Pāṭaliputra.

5) He has come hither with that same king who is desirous of conquering the whole earth and has through devotion caused to be made this cave to the divine Śambhu.

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