This inscription is cut into the rock at the Gaḍalādeṇiya Vihārē, immediately below the record of the monk Dharmmakīrtti (IN03166), the founder of the vihara. The Gaḍalādeṇiya Vihārē is situated in Pilimathalawa, near Kandy. The present inscription is dated in the eighth year of Sēnāsammata Vikrama Bāhu cakravartti, who was the founder of Kandy as a capital and reigned from 1469 until 1511 A.D. The text promises that no loss of life shall be inflicted on the people of certain provinces named and declares that the heriot or maḷāraya of those who have fallen in warfare or in the elephant hunt shall, in the absence of an heir, be devoted to the restoration of vihārēs in disrepair.

Epigraphia Zeylanica
Codrington, H. W. (1934–41). ‘No. 2. The Gaḍalādeṇiya Inscription of Sēnāsammata Vikrama Bāhu,’ Epigraphia Zeylanica 4, p. 15.

Hail! On the seventh of the waning moon of Hila in the eighth year of His Majesty the Sovereign Lord Sēnāsammata Vikrama Bāhu, born of the race of the Sun in lineal descent from the famous Mahā Sammata (it was decreed as follows):—


On no one, high, middling, low, or lowest, and the rest, of the host, in which the great men shall continue hereafter, of Siduruvānā De-nuvara, Balaviṭa, Sārasiyapattuva, Mātalē Aṭasiyapattuva, Dumbara Pansiyapattuva‚ Goḍa-raṭa, Maturaṭa, Uva, Aṭapeḍiya, Sorambara, Vela-assa, Kotmalē, Gampaḷa Doḷosbāgē, Bulatgama, Mahatoṭa, Trincomalee, Batticaloa, of all this aforesaid region, shall loss of life be caused to be inflicted or be inflicted by the great king Vikrama Bāhu, Yāpābhaṇḍāra‚ the bhaṇḍāra the king’s son, and the other great men. And should there be no owner for the heriot of any one who shall have fallen in warfare and in the elephant hunt, (this heriot) shall be offered for the restoration of vihārēs which are out of repair.


This is the command of the Three Gems; this is the command of the Tooth and Bowl Relics; this is the command of Śakra, (Brahma) and the rest of the thirty-three koṭi of gods; this is the command of the four guardian gods Utpala-varnna, Sumana, Vibhīṣana, Ṣanmukha, and the rest; this is the command of Mahīkāntāva; this is the command of the goddess Pattini.


To the effect that this stone inscription has been cut and given in obedience to the royal order setting forth (as sanctions) these aforesaid commands I, Sanhas Sivattā Nāyinārun, (do certify).

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